Vintage finds!


Well, our yard sale this weekend was quite the success! Saturday is rained and drizzled all day, snowed (!) overnight, but Sunday was bright and sunny. We are thoroughly exhausted. We got rid of A LOT of stuff and managed to bring in a pretty penny. My husband is planning to turn our garage into an office for his new business and we received just enough money to do that, so we’re excited!

I mentioned last week about a couple vintage finds. J. and his mom went out to a 1950’s home that was being torn down to salvage some drywall.  Unfortunately, there was no way for them to take it down without destroying it first, so they poked around for other possibilities.

My wonderful husband found several things that he knew I would love and brought them home for me!  I was so thrilled!


One item was a mid-century glass light fixture. The picture shows it kind of dirty because I’m too lazy to clean it up for you, but you get the general idea. Once it’s all shined up, I think it would be so pretty in our bedroom!


Really, my favorite thing out of the lot were these porcelain knobs. J. was able to salvage about 20 of them and they’re so pretty! We think the gold leaf may be real (like the kind they put on china). I have a plan to repaint my ugly brown dresser that I’ve had for years and add those knobs as a lovely touch. Add another project to the to-do list ;)

On another note, because my husband is starting up a business he’s needing my help quite a bit, so blog posts from now on may be a little less frequent. I’m still going to make time for sewing and sharing as much as a can, but it may not be as daily as it has been. Just a heads up!

~ Erin


One Comment to “Vintage finds!”

  1. Oh, I’m loving the light fixture and door knobs. House hunting at the moment has me completely fixated on these things.

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