Moving Grandma

 (You might notice the change of scenery here!  New look for a new season :) )


Both sets of my grandparents (Grandma VM's at far right) in NY, 1999

We got Grandma VM (my mom’s mom) all moved in to her new place on Saturday.  It’s such a nice little apartment she has now!  She was downsizing from a two bedroom, two bath condo into a one bedroom, one bath, kitchenette apartment in an assisted living complex.  Once we had her furniture in place, her bed all made, and the grandfather clock chiming in the corner it really felt very homey and very Grandma-ish :)

Because she was downsizing so much, we were able to inherit some of her things.  I got a few tablecloths, an electric wok, a tv stand, an armoire, and most of her collection of little pitchers from around the world.  For many years before my grandpa died, they traveled all over and the one thing Grandma always made sure to collect to commemerate the trip were miniature pitchers.  I intend on sharing some pictures of them in future posts, but right now I don’t have the best setup for photos that can really show the details of some of them.  It’s on my ever-increasing list of to-do’s!

In other news, I came across a fun website today!  Called The Kindred Site and has a list of free wallpapers for your desktop.  I love these vintage buttons and have them on my screen as we speak!

Also saw this photo on Shorpy from 1924 of a girls’ sewing class. So interesting!

~ Erin


3 Comments to “Moving Grandma”

  1. We’ve been trying to get my grandma to move for years, she is by herself in a 4 bedroom house with a HUGE garden. I feel a little sad when i think about her all alone in her huge house, but she won’t have any of it. I think she’ll just stay put until she is good and ready, which is fair enough :)

  2. I went on Kindred. If I knew how to download, I think I would pick the bunnies as my wallpaper. Did you notice the rain cloud over the last one?

    • Click on the link for your screen dimensions below the picture and another picture will pop up. Then right click on the picture and choose “Set as background.”

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