Week of Links #5


Happy first day of Spring!


Did some more work on my blue flower dress last night! I was able to spread out on the kitchen floor and finish tracing all the pattern pieces. Then I laid out my fabric and pinned the pieces on. It was getting late by that point so I had to roll everything up and put it away. Slowly but surely, that seems to be how I sew clothes lately :)

Tomorrow JT and I are helping my grandma move out of her condo and into an assisted living place. She’s a spunky 91 years old and has lived the last 6 years alone since Grandpa passed away. She doesn’t drive anymore and while my mom goes to see her every weekend, she’s getting very lonely and tired. We think it has a lot to do with not being able to be social anymore and we think this move into a community of people her own age will benefit her well-being and joie de vive a lot. And instead of an hour and a half away, she’ll only be 40 minutes away! 

  • Photo collection of 100 abandoned houses. Very interesting. Make you imagine what they must have been like back when they were new and lived in
  • Way cool Etsy shop called lilimandrill.  You can send her a photo of yourself and she’ll make a rubber stamp with your face on it!
  • Vintage fashion inspiration in the form of 1963 brides and fun outfits in bright spring colors
  • And it looks like someone else shares my enjoyment of vintage blue floral fabric :)

See you Monday!

~ Erin


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