More quilts



Flickr. (clockwise from top left) 1. Patchwork Blanket with Organic Sherpa Lining 2. Coin quilt with bird fabric 3. nap 4. A work in progress 5. bw quilt closeup 6. Sari quilt (made from India sari fabric from 1954!) 7. Elephant coin 8. Washed and puffed up

I’ve had them on the brain lately so I did some image searching on Flickr. And apparently I like the Chinese coin pattern! I tended to click on those more often than not. I love the Sari quilt (#6).  If you don’t click on any of those links, at least click on that one.  It’s so beautiful!  Made from real Indian sari silk brought back to the States by her grandfather in 1954 and used to make lots of dresses for her family.  This quilt was a great use for the scraps!

In an unrelated search earlier today, I came across another cute purse pattern for two fat quarters at Made by Rae.  The last one I posted about you now have to pay $3 to download the pattern, but this one is totally free!  I’m going to download it now just in case :)

I also found a whole bunch of fat quarter project ideas at SewMamaSew! Dozens of different patterns – “sew” many uses! Har har ;) I’m almost considering not making a purse, but there’s so many projects to choose from I can’t decide! I like the fabric box and the mouse pad and the slippers and the handbags and the pillows and… and… !! Oy I just don’t know what would be most useful for me. I only have 2 FQ’s to work with! Why must I be so choosy? :P

~ Erin


One Comment to “More quilts”

  1. Hi Erin,
    Thanks again for all you two’s help yesterday. Especially with the clock. JT is a real worker bee, isn’t he? I’m pleased his new venture is taking off, and it sounds like you two are doing the things you need to do to keep the door open for God to work.
    I looked at the bridal dresses. My first thought when looking at the first pictures was, “Oh, to have a waist like that!” Looking through the rest reminded me of how modest wedding dresses used to be.
    Looking at the abandoned houses was tough. I kept sighing, “Oooh.” They all must have been gorgeous when cared for. Like Greta Garbo.
    What a cute purse! I’d like it (in a different fabric and with a slightly longer strap.
    Will you have help with your yard sale?

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