Our new room!


The makeover is complete!  It’s amazing how just a coat of paint can totally transform a room!  Before it used to be so dark and depressing and now it’s so heavenly relaxing that it’s become our favorite room.

Here is what our room looked like before (I meant to take some pics with normal furniture arrangement, but forgot – still, this will give you the idea):



We had a late start on Saturday since I couldn’t find our paint supplies, but eventually got everything I needed and began work in the late afternoon.  With JT’s help we finished the whole room with just one thick coat by around midnight.   I painted the whole closet myself and then I did the trim while he rolled the walls.  Then we turned up the heat and blocked all the vents except for our room and had it completely dry in about 30 minutes!

We were able to move all our furniture back in place and tucked in bed by 2am.  A little late for me, but once JT gets involved you don’t leave the project until it’s done, no matter what time it is.  I was kind of looking forward to a relaxing weekend and taking my time, but I am so grateful for his help and REALLY glad to have it done so we could rest all Sunday :)


I painted the closet white because I wanted it to look clean and bright (might be a little tricky to tell in the pictures–I waited too long to take pics so had to use the room light).  The green paint that we had was quality and thick, so fortunately we only needed one coat.  Still, there were only two gallons so we had to make sure it stretched and by the time we were done it was close!

We opened up the first can and got two walls covered, then we opened up the second can and discovered it was a much lighter shade.  That must have been why the previous owners were giving them away for free.  Still, we forged ahead and painted two more walls with the lighter color.  It ended up turning out perfect!



Since we were moving everything all around the room anyway, I went through a lot of our boxes and got rid of some stuff, threw some clothes in give away sacks, and rearranged the furniture.  There was even enough room now to pull my little bookcase from storage and finally unpacked my books!  I love it!  Now all we need is to get some curtains.


Just with the new color the whole room feels so much bigger, too!  When we had everything finished that night, I sat down on the bed and took a deep sigh and said, “I love it so much I just want to cry!”  JT responded, “Yes, but please don’t…”

Oh husband, my love, how man of you :)

Now our little trailer feels more like home to me.  Having my books there, the walls so cheerful, the old hauntings of the room have been wiped clean and a new life has been brought to this room.  Much, much better!

~ Erin


2 Comments to “Our new room!”

  1. It looks lovely! All your hard work really paid off!

  2. I love the way it turned out! When we were first married, we too lived in a paneled mobile. It’s funny because we painted our bedroom green too!

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