Somebody stop that door!


I made something else today. 

It started snowing last night and while I was able to make it in to work this morning, it had started snowing even harder in the afternoon so I decided to come home while I could still get out of the parking lot. I made it safely and immediately took advantage of the extra daylight I had left and went to work on a little project I had been thinking of all day.

Our bedroom door swings very freely and because we live in a trailer where everything is hodge-podged together and the floors and walls are slanty, the door tends to swing closed rather than open. We’ve used a variety of makeshift stops like a shoe, dirty laundry, books, a piggy bank (which was kicked over numerous times and coins rolled everywhere), a catch-all jar (which also was kicked over numerous times and a sewing pin managed to make a painful appearance), and most recently a giant plush frog left over from Valentine’s Day that kept the door open by flopping and sprawling.

So I did a little research today as I watched the flakes come down outside and found Lotta Jansdotter‘s door stop. I really liked the look of it, but because I couldn’t find the pattern online and I’m not willing to run/slide out to the store to pick up the book, I decided to draft my own pattern. It’s all straight lines, so it really could not be that hard.  And it wasn’t!


I used a regular piece of 8.5″x11″ paper as the base and drew 1/2″ seam allowance.  Then I cut another piece of paper in half and sized it down a little more so it was smaller than the base by 2.5″ all around.  I figured out that about 12″ would be a good height for it and look good in proportion with the base and top, so I measured that out and drew two differently sized sides that angled in towards the top–two skinny sides and two wide sides.  Then I drafted a piece for the handle.  I pinned all the pieces to my Ikea fabric that used to be a duvet, cut it out, and sewed it up!  Brilliant!


I filled it with the stuffing from the now-defunct plush frog (what an ironic demise, eh?) and slid some cardboard into the base to keep it upright and give it a little bit more weight.  I could have used beans or rice, but we don’t have anything like that and I really didn’t need that much weight, so this turned out perfect!

JT says it looks like a giant cheese grater. Bleu cheese, anyone?

~ Erin


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