Cushies for our tushies!



I made not one, but TWO seat cushions this weekend!  How productive am I??

I sewed up my blue one, then JT came in and got all excited and asked if I could make one for his chair.  He picked out the striped fabric and I sewed up another one for him.  The second one is definitely better looking than the first one.  I had some trial and error on the first one and quickly learned what I should do regarding the placement of the ties, the best place to leave the opening for the foam to go through, and how to finish off the ends of the strip that goes around the sides.

It feels good to be using some of my fabric stash, too, especially for things that will actually be used on a regular basis.  Both fabrics here were from the thrift store.  The blue one was a duvet cover from Ikea and the striped one was a bedsheet.  I did end up having to buy a loop turner for the ties after all.  I couldn’t get a regular piece of wire to work because it wouldn’t stay hooked onto the fabric.  Oh well!  For a few bucks I’d say it’s not a bad investment at all.


So if you’ve wandered by my Flickr page recently, you may have noticed a considerable addition to my sewing pattern collection.  JT and I were running around this weeking doing errands and one of them included going by the thrift store to return some clothes.  Unfortunately, we were two days pass the cut-off date for returns, but after some some forceful begging and point-making, they relented and I was able to get 9 patterns in exchange!  Of course, they are already only 69 cents each which is a bargain in itself, but getting them for “free” is pretty good, too.

Speaking of patterns, MOMSPatterns is having another sale till midnight (EST) March 15th and she’s been busy adding new inventory, so there’s lots of new stuff to browse.  Just enter the code “watchoutworld” to receive 15% discount on your whole purchase!

~ Erin

P.S. Looks like someone else likes my seat cushion, too :)



2 Comments to “Cushies for our tushies!”

  1. Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my blog the other day (Bloglines has stopped e-mailing me my comments – I can’t figure out why – so I stumble upon them days after they’re posted). I’m enjoying looking through your posts. Today’s title is particularly cute!

  2. Cute cushions and CUTE kitty!!

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