The Expo: Part 2 – Gadget crazy!


Today I will be showcasing my favorite gadgets that I got at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo on Saturday!  Mom and I really had a lot of fun hanging out together, taking in all the creativity, and buying some cool stuff.


Check out this thing!  It’s called a seam guide and it has a strong magnet on the bottom that attaches firmly to the metal plate and helps to keep an even seam.  I haven’t used it yet, but it is solid when stuck on metal and will be excellent for pintucks and other sewing that requires a very precise seam.  This is one of my favorite finds and will really be helpful!


Did you ever wonder what the purpose of the little dangly carrot was on a pin cushion?  Well, my mother enlightened me and told me that you jab your pins into it and whatever they fill it with sharpens them.  I tried to find out on the internet what is used for this and I could only find example of using walnut shells.  Also, did you ever wonder why pin cushions are shaped like tomatos?  People used to believe that if you put a ripe tomato on your mantle upon first entering your new home it would bring you future prosperity.  However, since tomatos were not available year round, people would make them out of red fabric and fill them with sand or sawdust.  Then they would also be used as pin cushions!


Up next is a gift from Mom.  This combo pack includes a needle threader, a seam ripper, and a snag fixer.  And the best part is there’s a little switch on the side and they light up!  Right after I took this picture, I opened up the package and tried them out.  They’re so cool!  With the caps on them they look like little light sabers–haha! :)


And lastly, another absolute favorite: the silicone iron pad!  I can’t count how many times my iron has fallen off the board and onto the floor.  I’m suprised it still works (relatively) well.  I’m excited to start using this thing.  If you look closely in the picture, you’ll see there are nubs on it to keep the iron up and let the steam out as it’s lying down.  I also think it would keep its heat better this way, which is something my poor iron desperately needs!

Here I am being Queen of the Woodpile to show off today’s outfit!


I felt like wearing red today :)  The skirt and sweater top were both thrifted years ago and I can’t remember where I got the striped blouse.  Here’s a little better (inside) view of the ensemble:


JT cleared out the kitchen today, so I tried out a few shots.  We have such horrible lighting for pictures in the house, but isn’t that flourescent green wall spectacular? :P

Anyways, stay tuned for Part 3 of my expo story!  I’ll be showing off the patterns I got and the only yardage I bought on Saturday – some beautiful vintage blue and white cotton!  Oooh yes!

~ Erin


2 Responses to “The Expo: Part 2 – Gadget crazy!”

  1. Like the outfit :-)


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