That groundhog was right!


Look what we woke up to this morning!  And it was cold enough for some of it to last all day.

The sewing experiment is going slowly.  I really dislike collars.  Really dislike them.  I’m going to have to rip out a whole seam and hand sew it all around.  I also need a big button which I do not have.  I was hoping to have it done in time for the sewing expo on Saturday, but it looks like it won’t make it.

I think from now on (or at least for a while) I need to stick to just one pattern and actually follow the directions.  I have a tendency to jump right in and forge ahead without really knowing what I’m doing besides matching up the pieces and sewing them together.  I get easily impatient and usually need a distraction playing in the background like a funny movie or upbeat music.  I love this hobby so much, but it’s sometimes the bane of my existence, haha!

I’m currently drooling over this pattern on Ebay.  I’m really not sure if it look would good on me or not, but it’s just too cute to ignore (and it’s in my size!), so I keep monitoring its progress (up to $6.49 with free shipping now).  The more I look at vintage patterns the more I’m starting to wonder if the dresses I’m falling in love with will actually look good on me.  Or maybe that’s my frugal subconscious keeping me from spending hard earned money on frivolous things like patterns? :)

~ Erin


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