It’s sew much fun!



My latest acquisitions!  I had received a Borders gift card for my birthday this year, so I gave myself a couple hours to peruse the shelves this weekend and came home with this tome of invaluable information!  It’s about an inch thick and it’s full of bright, colorful pictures and covers all topics from clothing to window treatments to upholstery and leaves out no details in between.  The best sewing how-to book I have seen so far!

The plastic sheeting I picked up at Home Depot on my way home.  I had read somewhere on the internet about a lady who uses this to transfer patterns.  If you have a vintage pattern that is starting to tear and you’d like to preserve it, you can use this to trace each piece with either a permanent marker or a tracing wheel.  I’ll mostly be using this to trace my Burda magazine patterns.  Very smart idea!

So I sewed a little this weekend, too, but have not quite finished.  I’m converging two different patterns to make a top for myself.  Here’s a little sneak peak:


It’s an experiment!  So we’ll see how it turns out :)

~ Erin


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