No Jeans Resolution


I admit the picture is not the greatest, but I had just come home from work and decided to take a quick shot of what I wore today.   I decided at the beginning of this week that I was going to restrict myself on how often I wear jeans and so far so good!  I did wear jeans on Monday because… well… it’s Monday… but I successfully wore a skirt on Tuesday, a dress on Wednesday, and today my brown speckled slacks!  (They are a lovely shade of chestnut brown with tiny tan specks but the picture doesn’t it show it well).

I had become in such a rut each morning.  I’d just grab my jeans, whatever shirt was clean, slip on my worn sneakers, and head out the door.  And it’s not like I have a really high-profile job – I sit at a desk in my little cubicle on the computer all day (although I am currently focused on moving up in the company which is also a driving factor on why I’m doing this).  Lately I’ve been wanting to put more thought into how I present myself not just because I’ll look more professional and respectful to others but also because it makes me feel better about myself.  When I look good, I feel good and as a result I sit up straighter, I feel more alert and confident, and I’m more productive!  It’s amazing how just a little self-esteem can turn your day around.

Simple and clean
Simple and clean – by eet27 on

My rule is simple (and really is more of a guideline than a rule – I’m not going to feel guilty at all if I have a day when I don’t follow it!).  Don’t wear jeans.  It forces me to dress nicely, wear pantyhose with my skirts (too cold to go bare!), find a coordinating top, and try to figure out accessories without looking too “dressed up.”  My ultimate goal with this exercise is to become more comfortable in somewhat dressier clothing so I can confidently achieve the look I’m going for: clean, feminine, and professional with a slight vintage flair!

Thursday – by eet27 on

I clicked on Already Pretty this morning (one of the blogs I enjoy reading) and was pleasantly surprised to see that Sal wrote this post today about figuring out what type of look you want and how to acheive it.  How coincidental!  She makes some really helpful suggestions. Very interesting and inspiring! Worth a read just for the laugh factor even if you’re not as excited about it as I am :)

~ Erin


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