Home: The Undeniable Truth



Well, I might as well get it out now since the fact will find its way to the surface anyway… My husband and I live in a 1970’s single-wide trailer with single-paned windows, wood paneling walls, and indoor-outdoor carpet the color of rust.

Actually, where we live is an incredibly great deal and we are very fortunate to be able to call this place home.

The trailer sits on about an acre and a half of land owned by JT’s grandmother and managed by JT’s mother.  We pay a fraction of what we would for just a one bedroom apartment in this area and for our extremely limited budget that is a huge blessing.


Of course this blessing does come with some non-blessings, such as the inability to hold in heat during wintertime and the occasional summertime mouse investation in the wall behind our bed (that was fun); the dark brown and orange linoleum in the kitchen, bathroom, and what is now my sewing room (got the bathroom refloored last summer with a remnant of lovely white linoleum! Much better); the upside down door, the door with no latch, the warped and curving-out-at-the-corners front door; the lower kitchen and  bathroom cabinets that smell like animal urine (thank you previous residents who got evicted for reasons I cannot describe here!)…

But of course with my husband, myself, our two cats, and our puppy, we make this place home and with some paint, a little design intervention, and Craigslist, we can make it cozy and distinctivly ours!  At least it will be ours until we win the lotto…

My birthday flowers!

My goal for this blog is to document my attempts on making the house a home, show off my current sewing projects (which will probably be a lot since that seems to be occupying most of my time right now), share cool stuff I find around the web, and open lines of communication with family that lives far away, friends I don’t call often enough, and other bloggers who share my interests.  I’m hoping this will also be an outlet for my creativity and help motivate me to sew a lot more, take more pictures, and be generally more open!

I welcome any comments you have along the way and I’ll do my best to post something relatively interesting on a regular basis!



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